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One popular service of ours, Anomaly Film, encourages video production techniques; pupils can build and broadcast their own school TV channel to the whole school with our unique external screens or go global with our virtual streaming service. We provide green screens, indoor and outdoor interactive screens, digital signage, media creation, digital screens and so much more for schools. Having a vast amount of experience throughout our Manchester office we deliver the best solution of digital signage in the UK. We pride ourselves on our ability to service all over the UK, location will never be a restriction at Anomaly.

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At Anomaly, we are able to use our recent experiences in education as inspiration to develop innovative digital media packages that schools find relevant and engaging. Our screens for the education sector provide schools with the material they need to improve pupil engagement across the whole curriculum.

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Anomaly Screens

Unlike regular digital signs for schools our unique Anomaly Screens offer schools a creative platform to display messages, celebrate pupil achievement, promote SMSC development and improve parent engagement.

Our content management system is quick and simple to use and allows teachers to update messages on the go from a smartphone, desktop or tablet. Anomaly Content Manager also offers a ‘cloud based’ video library covering relevant subjects such as English, Maths, Science, Religious Education, IT and many more. The software allows users to drag and drop videos into their playlists which will then display the content on your internal or external Anomaly screen. Alternatively you can download them to use in the classroom.

A full site survey is carried out prior to installation to ensure your screens are positioned in the best possible locations for maximum pupil engagement.
Key features
  • Available in a range of sizes, our sun-readable LCD screens are waterproof making them suitable for all weathers
  • Our screens can help schools to meet criteria set by OFSTED about community cohesion and global citizenship
  • Access to hundreds of videos in our library covering key topics such as exercise, healthy eating, bullying and the new curriculum
  • Time effective content management system with the ability to schedule for future playback and update messages on the go
  • Stand out from the usual digital signage for schools with state of the art Anomaly equipment

Anomaly Film

Our Anomaly Film Studio allows pupils as young as primary age to introduce video and green screen technology into all areas of the curriculum.

Using state of the art, up to date technology the Anomaly Film kit takes less than ten minutes to assemble and includes everything pupils need to film and edit studio quality footage which will result in a professional, high definition video.

Using green screen with chroma key techniques is a great way for teachers to implement active teaching and learning strategies in lessons. This can be incorporated across the curriculum as a way for pupils to summarise what they have learnt, relay information to the rest of the class and improve both their team work and communication skills. You can find a link to Anomaly Film by clicking here.
Key features
  • All equipment is compact into a wheelable case for easy storage and transportation around the school or outdoors
  • The Anomaly Film studio is simple enough for pupils to assemble in less than ten minutes
  • This interactive resource will improve pupil communication, literacy skills, team work and subject knowledge across the curriculum
  • Ongoing training and support is provided as and when required including green screen workshops for pupils during lesson time

Go Global


Link Our School is an exciting online community bringing schools together to share their experiences through their videos and pictures through a safe and secure social media platform. Anomaly aims to create a network of schools who can access a wide variety of online media; combining content shared by other schools with the expanding video library provided by Link Our School. With Link Our School, a school will be able to learn all about another community hundreds of miles away that they would have otherwise known nothing about.

Membership is free for Anomaly schools so sign up today and start sharing your videos and pictures with other schools nationwide.
Virtual Streaming

Anomaly can now offer schools the option to broadcast their school TV network globally with our new streaming service.

Schools with our Anomaly Screens can replicate current programming showing around school onto their online school TV network and invite pupils and parents to watch at any time using a secure, online streaming link.

Schools with our Anomaly Film studio can create a live broadcast from their video camera and invite parents to watch live footage as it happens via their secure, school TV systems; or watch the recording back at a later date.

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To find out more about incorporating outdoor screens, digital signage or green screens with your school's existing infrastructure, please get in touch with a member of the team who will be more than happy to help.


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